Soul Tramp Wraith Hand Built Boutique Amplifier

Soul Tramp Wraith Hand Built Boutique Amplifier
Brand: Soul Tramp
Product Code: Soul Tramp Wraith Hand Built Boutique Amplifier
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Soul Tramp Wraith

The Wraith is a screaming high gain amp. It is a multi-channel amp designed for the guitar player looking for voicing similar to the Allman Brothers, AC/DC, and other types of music where high gain amplification can cut through the mix with articulation (not hissy fuzz).

The clean channel is blackface Fender voiced with warmth and full bandwidth. The "Soul" channel is where the overdrive and high gain come out to play.

The Wraith has the most complex circuitry of all the Soul Tramp amplifiers.

The footswitch has three buttons for "SOUL", "O/D", and "CRUNCH".

SOUL – The Soul switch engages/disengages the high gain Soul channel. The volume of this channel is controlled by the "Soul" knob on the front panel. When engaged the guitar signal is switched from the clean channel and rerouted to the Soul channel.

O/D – This button drives the Soul channel to a higher degree of distortion.

CRUNCH – The Crunch button provides a boost to both Soul channels.

The tube spring reverb can be mixed with just a touch to compensate for room acoustics or dialed in deep enough to feel the surf.

The tube buffer parallel/serial FX loop offers extreme flexibility. The Level control allows you to set the gain of the signal sent to your pedal board or rack, and the Mix control lets you blend the returned wet signal with the dry preamp signal. A toggle switches the loop between parallel and serial mode.

There are chassis mounted bias probe jacks for each power tube, and a bias adjustment pot.



50 Watts

KT88 Power tubes

Diode rectifier

Fixed bias

Mercury Magnetics transformers

Tube driven spring reverb

Tube buffered parallel/serial FX loop

4/8/16 ohm speaker selection

Mercury Magnetics Transformers

Three-button channel jumping footswitch

Blonde tolex

Dimensions – 20.75″L x 11″W x 10″H

Weight –

Cover Included

Tube Compliment


12AX7 (1)

12AT7 (3)

12AY7 (2)

6L6 (2)

Three-Button Foot Switch


Button-1: – Soul Channel Jump

Button-2: – Engage Overdrive

Button-3: – Engage Crunch

Front Panel





Volume clean channel

Volume Soul channel






Master volume




Pilot Light

Rear Panel







Reverb On/Off

Reverb depth

FX Send

FX Return

FX Level

FX Mix

FX Parallel/Serial

FX On/Off



bottom line: these amps sound AMAZING!!!!! 


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