Digitech DL-8 Delay/Looper

Digitech DL-8 Delay/Looper
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Product Code: Digitech DL-8 Delay/Looper
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DL-8 Delay/Looper



The HardWire DL-8 Delay/Looper is a true delay powerhouse in a single stompbox footprint. Augment your performances with a rich and diverse palette of delays including Reverse, Modulated, Analog, Slapback, Lo Fi, and Tape. Dial in from an impressive delay range (from 15 milliseconds to 8 seconds) or Loop in true stereo for up to 20 seconds. And the built-in Tap Tempo function and Tails on/off switch feature will make the DL-8 at home on any pedalboard. As with all HardWire pedals, the DL-8 is crafted from premium all-metal components to perform night after night, tour after tour.
Features :
Delay Types
0.5 Seconds - 15 ms to 500 ms (milliseconds)
1 Second - 500 ms to 1 sec
2 Seconds - 1 sec to 2 sec
8 Seconds - 2 sec to 8 sec
Modulated - chorused delay
Analog - vintage bucket brigade analog delay
Slapback - 80 ms to 150 ms
LoFi - low-fidelity delay with limited bandwidth
Tape - classic tube tape echo
Loop - create infinite stereo loops up to 20 seconds
Tails On/Off Switch - When on, delay tails are not cut off when bypassed
Tap Tempo
True Stereo I/O
True Bypass circuitry preserves your tone in bypass
Constant High-Voltage operation for uncompromised signal quality
HardWire Pedals include the following stage accessories
Stomplockā„¢ knob guard locks your tone in place and prevent tampering or accidental knob adjustments onstage
Pedal Switch Glow Sticker helps you locate the pedal in adverse stage lighting
Custom-cut Hook and Loop Pedalboard Pad to attach and lock your pedals to your pedalboard

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