Taye Parasonic 14 X 7 Snare

Taye Parasonic 14 X 7 Snare
Brand: Taye Drums
Product Code: Taye Parasonic 14 X 7 Snare
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Taye Parasonic 14 X 7 Snare drum

Dark Ocean Burst finish, construction is 2 ply 100% North American Sugar Maple and 8 ply Birch 8.6mm

With close to 40 years of drum manufacturing experience, Taye understands how different woods present different tonal characteristics. With this in mind, there is not one wood type that is best at serving the purpose of every drum within the drum set. That's where ParaSonic comes in. ParaSonic combines hand-selected sheets of two of the most popular woods used for manufacturing high-end drums: maple and birch. We use the natural characteristics of each wood to create a tailored sound for each drum and its purpose within the set. That being said, maple has a naturally warm, well-rounded tone, with a balanced mix of bottom end punch, lower mid-range warmth, and hi-end attack. Birch, on the other hand, has naturally brighter tone, with accentuated highs resulting in increased attack and presence.  

our opinion: wow! this baybe has an AWESOME fat sound. good defined snare CRACK with great bottom end. this is a fantastic snare for rock. for you wood snare lovers [like us] you owe it to yourself to check this out, or you can just buy it on the recommendation of us guys that that have lived and breathed drums for the last 35 years here. stock heads sound pretty good, for optimum tone we recommend a coated heavy on the top and a thin to medium bottom head.


we love the Taye drum line, superior shell quality and INCREDIBLE tone !

got questions? .... we're not just some e commerce web site or a corporation run music store with 800 numbers and outsourced call centers. we're a real music store in business for over 30 plus years, owned and operated by working musicians. we have a very knowledgeable, NON COMMISSIONED sales staff. feel free to call us at 207 775 2230 with questions and we'll be happy to help you choose the right piece of gear for your needs  

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